Soozi_circle_imageSoozi Parker

Why you do what you do:

Soozi thrives on enabling people to realise and fulfil their true potential in addition to delivering a return on investment and business growth. She builds momentum in groups to create transformation change and has the desire to constantly explore and create new ways of working with clients and enhanced solutions.

Who you are:

Soozi uses her unique combination of skills at international level working with many different cultures. She is an experienced facilitator and coach with a passion for experiential learning using her energy and enthusiasm to engage individuals and
groups to raise the bar.

Areas of expertise:

Soozi specialises in leadership and transformational team development, influence and persuasion skills, building personal resilience, is a licensed MBTI l practitioner and certified business coach. She aims to adds real value and create sustainable results for the business.

Making a difference for your people – making a difference for your business

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