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Anyone who has experienced coaching, will know the power of providing space, challenge and support to reach clarity on the way forward. Coaching brings benefit for both individuals and organisations.
Recent Assignments include:

360 Coaching

Embedded in a 6 month High Potential programme in a large event business, individuals received feedback on behaviours aligned to the company values. Insight coaches worked to leverage their strengths and create focussed actions for development.

Leader Coaching

An experienced MD in a global organisation who recently took charge of the Executive Board used our coaching time to plan his annual strategy review.

Change Coaching

Expected to do more with less, a manager in a financial institution explored strategies for weathering challenging times.

Presence & Impact Coaching

This often takes the form of speaker/presenter coaching, building gravitas and the ability to speak with authenticity. We also work with people to raise their awareness of their impact on others – helping them to foster deep and productive working relationships.

Career Coaching

assignments have included working with individuals at a cross roads in their career, or individuals who have a specific career goal in mind.

Making a difference for your people – making a difference for your business

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